Tuesday, June 17, 2008

lvl open house.

the lvl open house in maine was a success with about 100 people visiting my friend jim's house. it was great to meet rocio romero (the creator of the lvl) and her husband and ended up having dinner together at this amazing place. it was a busy, wonderful day.

click here for more photos of the house.


  1. Thanks for posting your photos! I wish I could've gone.

  2. this is fantastic!ive been coveting LV ! I noticed basement stairs...is there a bedroom down there or are there two bedrooms on the first floor?

    Thanks for sharing this!

  3. actually there is a lounge in the basement with a projector (for watcing tv and movies) and a small office. jim and rui modified the typical lvl plan to have two bedrooms instead of three. usually the living/dining area is one window bay smaller.

    and if it makes any difference, rocio is such a humble and sweet person.

  4. Bravo ! J'avoue que je regrette que ce type de construction ne puisse s'importer facilement en Europe et, notamment, en France car le concept de Rocio est excellent…
    Merci de nous écrire maintenant quelques billets sur votre manière d'habiter cet espace…!
    Je vous envie…!


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