Wednesday, June 6, 2007

(un)building this friday.

the new show, (un)building, at the mills gallery has its opening reception this friday, june 8th from 6 to 8 pm. the gallery talk with curator dina deitsch and joel ross, samantha fields, sally moore and christopher wawrinofsky is the next day, saturday june 9th at 2 pm.

you can go to the mills website but here is part of the synopsis:

"how can we respond to architecture? it gives us shelter and literally defines our daily lives: we eat, sleep, work, walk, and live where it tells, or rather, lets us. in turn, we lovingly decorate and care for our spaces. we imbue them with deeply personal and metaphorical meaning that at times can border on the fetishistic. on a broader scale, architectural debate is as loud as ever in the public arena. redevelopment projects, bubbling real estate markets, memorials, even terrorism, and of course, boston’s own infamous urban reconstruction--the big dig--have all brought building and un-building into the fore. our built environment ultimately reflects, reinforces and even establishes the values of a society, but how can we explore this enormous and complicated relationship?

(un)building presents seven artists – emily kiersten ambs, samantha fields, emily katrencik, kirsten reynolds, joel ross, sally moore, and christopher wawrinofsky — who investigate our relationship to architecture by literally and conceptually deconstructing it. the materiality of building - beams, nails, walls, floors, models and even architects themselves - is exposed and transformed as a means to conceptually unearth the implications of architecture. in doing so, each artist re-presents building through video, sculpture and photography as a complex site of social, historical, economic, political, and symbolic construction."

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