Tuesday, July 10, 2007

the wrong store.

tobias wong and gregory krum have created a guerrilla shop in new york. the wrong store went up in may (during the icff) and will remain until the middle of july. the catch is it will never open.

the wrong store is an art installation in the language of a retail or guerrilla shop. conceptually, no one can enter and nothing individually can be purchased, though everything will be visible as the space is under a 100 sq feet (much like the former wrong gallery by maurizio catalan). however, as a retail shop 'everything' is for sale but only as a whole (the complete installation). it will exist for two months in a high traffic ground floor gallery space in chelsea, new york city. [the wrong store website]

you can find video clips at the new york times magazine and zoozoom. there's also a cool clip on youtube.

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