Tuesday, August 14, 2007

high water line.

high water line by artist, eve s. mosher.

high water line is a public artwork on the new york city waterfront designed to create an immediate visual and local understanding of the affects of climate change. i will be marking the 10-feet above sea level line by drawing a blue chalk line and installing illuminated beacons in parks. this line marks the extent of increased flooding brought on by stronger and more frequent storms as a result of climate change. [from the artist.]


  1. Hey there, I recently stumbled on your blog, from um... (somewhere :) and was just curious in which neighborhood(s) you're thinking of opening your shop. Boston totally needs more cool design shops! Lots of luck.

  2. hi alicia, well it may depend on where i can afford the rent. currently on my wishlist is fort point channel or the leather district but we'll see. thanks for your encouragement and for checking out my blog!


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