Monday, December 31, 2007

cell brick house.

cell brick house in tokyo by atelier tekuto composed entirely of 900x450x300 mm steel boxes. 

cell brick house sits on the corner lot of a tranquil tokyo residential area. at first glance it appears a structure of piled-up concrete blocks, but on closer inspection one sees that these blocks are steel boxes. the steel boxes used here measure 900x450x300mm, and the thickness of the portion facing outside stands at 9mm, the rest of the boxes’ sides have a uniform width of 6mm.

we call this form of construction “void masonry.” the boxes do not serve just to make structure, but also become storage units in the house’s interior. they also work to create a brise-soleil light control, and allowing the building to respond to the heat of the environment.


  1. I love your choice in architecture. I see envelope to wish an Happy New Year with architecture. It's great ! You may like it.


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