Tuesday, March 4, 2008

save polaroid.

growing up my grandparents had a polaroid camera. i remember taking family photos at holidays and weekends in the summer and waiting in anticipation as the image slowly appeared. and over the years i've received more than my share of instant photos of my grandmother standing in front of her beloved clematis. as my grandmother is now in her 90s, she is giving her things away and i put in a plea for the camera.

on february 8, 2008, polaroid announced that it will no longer produce instant film. (talk about bad timing.) its no surprise that a movement has started to keep instant photography around. a couple sites worth mentioning are save polaroid and the save polaroid film! online petition.

here's hoping that i'll still be able to use my grandparents' camera.


  1. Thank you for the links.... it is really bad timing... In the l970's people spent more money on polaroid than they did on toothpaste!!! just a little factoid. Polaroid just can't die not just as it is enjoying a rebirth!


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