Tuesday, April 22, 2008

sausage modernism - josef müller-bockwurst.

sausage modernism - josef müller-bockwurst by philip dam roadley-battin.

josef müller-brockmann's works and theory has a really big influence on me. while living in Berlin i studied his grid systems and poster-work.

since he was born in rapperswil, switzerland, he must have enjoyed the swiss bockwurst - a fat meat sausage. it is often served on a bed of lettuce with onion, tomato, egg & dressing.

by joining the 2 very forces of switzerland, the swiss bockwurst and the josef müller-brockmann, you cannot avoid ending up with something very beautiful and unique...

the result is this a2 size limited screenprint. the grid is based on the original zurich tonhalle concert poster, from 1954. call it ‘sausage modernism' if you want.

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