Thursday, May 22, 2008

big twin cub.

big twin cub by swigg.

fun. friendly. furniture. the pandabox collection is a collaboration with curt meissner from small factory design. it was a great opportunity for SWIGG™ to work on a project utilizing sustainable materials such as bamboo plywood as well as paper-based fiber composite board and post-industrial recycled denim fill usually used in commercial insulation applications. research of new materials cohesive in theory as well as in aesthetical and functional value was crucial to this collection.

the big twin cub cabinet is home base for your growing family of audio and video components. complete with exterior holes which provide airflow and interior holes which provide cable management, this sustainable bamboo unit will deliver functional stability without compromising style. sliding doors, interior adjustable shelves and sleigh base legs are all made of fingerprint-proof aluminum so you will maintain focus on the most important thing — what do i listen to next?

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