Monday, June 23, 2008

copenhagen cycle chic.

i've been totally obsessed with bicycles lately. i have my choices narrowed down and i'm totally pining for this bike. and i found a lovely blog on urban cycling called copenhagen cycle chic which makes me pine all the more. i'd like one in red, please.


  1. I felt the same way when I was in Amsterdam last year!


  2. you should check out Electra bikes, if you haven't already. I have one of their Gigi beach cruisers and love it. They have ones similar to bikes found in Amsterdam as well.

  3. i love bikes and biking... i'm living in Baja California Sur now and here it0's impossible to have a bike, but for my summer vacations i'm going back to Europe, and the pleasure will be all mine, when i ride my old red bike downtown :)
    You inspired me and I wrote a blog about bikes also on my blog, I added a link to your post, too.

  4. yay! i'm so glad to be spreading bicycle love... thanks for reading!


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