Wednesday, July 9, 2008

carrie bicycle basket.

in case anyone wants to buy me a bike-warming present. the carrie bicycle basket by design house stockholm.


  1. how do you install this basket on the bicycle?

  2. this is such a beautiful unique basket. i have it in green too and receive lots of compliments. it was given to me as a gift filled with lots of great food finds. i loved the idea so much that i decided to feature it on my website as the "weekend basket" a thoughtful gift to give when visiting or staying with someone for holiday.

    i do hope you get your "bike warming". i love it.

    real kitchens, real food

  3. How sturdy is the plastic? My daughter in college needs a basket for her bike and I thought this one would be a little different. She'll need to carry at least two text books in this basket as well as a notebook or two>

  4. its heavy plastic but since its in the front i probably won't put things that are too heavy in it and honestly since they're not strapped in, they can bounce out. i usually put books and things in a backpack or messenger bag not in the basket.


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