Monday, July 28, 2008


reykjavík art museum

one of the many corrugated iron facades

lava field and hot springs

my lovely little hotel (thanks to melissa for the tip!)

one of the shops on laugavengui street

iceland was beautiful and though i only had two days and both were cold and rainy, i loved being there and took lots of pics. i visited the reykjavík art museum, ASÍ art museum, visited gullfoss falls and the many hot springs around the island, spent an afternoon in a coffee shop and did a lot of walking around. there is so much modern art and design in iceland and even the older buildings are minimal in their design. the corrugated metal facades and bright colors took me by surprise and i like that even the wood buildings use the vertical patterning.

its such an odd, wonderful place and i already want to go back (but this time with a warm jacket and hat...) as usual, i've posted more photos here.

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