Friday, August 1, 2008

sensorial lisbon.

sensorial lisbon by cabracega.

walks on foot in the alfama borough in which the participants have their eyes blindfolded and are guided by a blind guide from acapo (association for the visually impaired) who shares his sensorial experiences. there are also a lisbon walker guide who sets the historical contextualization of the route and also 4 elements from the appa - associação do património e da população de alfama (heritage and people of alfama), who help the participants.

the project has two main goals:

- to provide a sensorial experience which aims to gather new knowledge of the surrounding space through the stimuli of the senses of smell, tact, taste and hearing and absence of vision.

- to bring awareness to the universe of the visually impaired, not as a limitation but instead in a positive and stimulating note in whi
ch the blind himself invite us to step into his own world of codes and references.

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