Wednesday, September 17, 2008

iPaint myMac.

iPaint myMac series by satta van daal. [via notcot.]

macs have taken over my studio and are sometimes getting more of my attention than canvasses or the public urban surfaces.

since 2006 am working on the exhibition 'iPaint myMac' which I hope to show in melbourne before taking it on tour (overseas?!). at this stage planned are more than 50 painted macs, several installations, mac mods and a load of other surprises, goodies and cool merch items for the art/mac fans out there.


  1. Hi! Your blog is exceptionally cool...loved it ..keep the things coming.

  2. thanks dexter, honestly its hard to keep up sometimes (today is one such example) but i really love doing it and encouragement always helps. :)


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