Saturday, September 27, 2008

rain + home + me.

my new sewing machine

a couple yards of fabric from ikea

yesterday kelly and i met with the accountant, made an ikea trip for furniture for the business and basically juggled a zipcar and our studio mate's minivan (complete with three car seats) in order to stay dry (its rained non-stop for two days).

today i finally have a day off (sort of) so i'm home (yippee!) and shooting more photos of felt (is there any other way to live?) and catching up on laundry (is there any way to get out of it?)


  1. You have a very nice blog... I like your sewing machine... I only wish that I know how to sew and maybe I'd grab me one for meself...

  2. Hello - I just found your blog and I'm kind of in love. I was curious where you got that glorious couch? Is it vintage?

  3. thank you! no, i actually got it at design within reach four or five years ago. i know that crate and barrel had a similar style at one point.


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