Monday, October 20, 2008

the changing room.

the changing room by UNStudio. [via designboom.]

the installation explores the transformative potential of the material world. just like clothes designers, architects offer alternate looks and identities, age and income-appropriate shells. these constructions consist of a miscellaneous package of endogenous and exogenous values; things and ideas that inherently belong to architecture and its traditions, and things and ideas that do not, but that nevertheless profoundly influence architecture. how to deal with this? can architecture still have autonomy? according to UNStudio the lesson is to ‘switch it on, switch it off’… to find autonomy in brief moments of liberation. on the inside of the structure, the visitor encounters a kaleidoscopic world of people posing, inviting voyeurism, and seeking transformation in their own conceptualizations.


  1. Very interesting - the design reminds me of the Chanel Mobile Art Museum they traveled around the world with.


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