Thursday, October 16, 2008

the flybrary.

the flybrary by satina turner.

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  1. Love that!

    Am maintaining a "powershelf" myself. It's always full (26 books currently) but not allowed to expand. Went through it again just now, to see if I could fit something stylish as the Flybrary into our living room to replace the powershelf and add some flair and usefullness in one strike. I removed two books that I intend to give away. The books allowed to stay have to contain some kind of inspiration to me, spark of knowledge, start of a thought that I'd still like to finish. Always a pleasure to look through them. Also a pleasure to say goodbye to a book once it has served its purpose, and hopefully make someone else happy with it.

    I guess it will look different with real life different sized books, though? Jagged edge and space between the books, since the width of the books varies. Also, I am wondering about dust? On the upside, a great eyecatcher and conversation starter. No, I guess it would be most useful in a drawer, for use in scholars who want to have their current works of reference handy. And the supporting sticks should be slideable so as to fit with books of different widths.

    Still a great design, though! & Thanks for the incentive to go through my "powershelf".


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