Tuesday, October 7, 2008


one of my weekly reads is arthur hash's blog and i was particularly struck by a recent post. i've been stretched pretty thin trying to start this felt business while working two other jobs and i've been feeling like lately i'm not doing anything particularly well. i feel like i'm basically trying to put out whatever fire's biggest at the moment and its not a feeling i like very much. anyway, long story short... this is a portion of arthur's post that i totally relate to.

i need to concentrate more on the things that are important to me. what is important to me? family? friends? my work? my job? my dog? the cats? i don't ever know what order to put these things in. really i don't put them in any kind of order. they are all on the same level. they all get an equally small part of my attention. i don't know if this is a good thing or bad thing. i do feel that if i concentrate more on one than the other i get in trouble.

if i spend too much time petting the cats the dog will get jealous.
if i let the dog sleep on the bed, the cats will want to sleep on the bed.
if i let all the animals sleep on the bed it will get too hot.
if i don't let the animals sleep on the bed it will get too cold.
if i sleep in i will be late for work.
if i spend too much time at work liz will miss me.
if i spend too much time at home i will fall behind at work.
if i spend too much time with my friends i don't get in the studio.
if i don't spend time in the studio i don't make any money or get into shows.
if i don't get into shows or make money i can't make more work.
if i can't make more work i disappoint myself and get depressed.

its an evil cycle. sometimes i wish i could take my brain out and shut it off for a while.

so here's to juggling and working it out.


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