Monday, November 3, 2008


i was thinking this weekend that if i were a country, i'd be iceland. i think the places that you connect with tell you a lot about who and what you are. so here i am (in country form.) iceland, a flickr set by anthro creative. (and here's my own iceland set in case you've forgotten.)

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  1. Beautiful pictures (both of them albums!). Iceland's a place I'd love to visit. Someone told me that there's a place in Iceland where the sun never sets and it actually stays in the horizon for some minutes til it rises up again. Wonder if that's as amazing as it seems.
    BTW, I was told in school (looong ago) that Iceland was given that "cold" name to keep invaders away, while Greenland (which is in fact the cold and icy country) has such a catchy name to attract invader's attention.
    XO, Puri


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