Tuesday, February 24, 2009


appeel by thegreeneyl. [via it's nice that.]

appeel is a virus spreading through interacting individuals.

surfaces are covered by thousands of coloured stickers laid out in a grid. peeling a sticker off leaves a white spot in the grid, people hence start individually and collectively changing its appearance. once off the wall, the stickers ask to be sticked somewhere: people begin putting them on objects, walls, people, they collect them, they compose new images, they write messages. slowly the little stickers spread, appearing further away from their source and occupying space.

appeel inherits basic principles of interactivity and generativity applied to purely analogous means. its immanent potential of penetrating regulated public and private space counterpoints its apparent plainness. the dot spreads with the promise to ironically mark its carrier as a symbol of sale and possession.

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