Saturday, February 28, 2009

fashioning felt.

i've been salivating about this for months and now, at last, its almost upon us! fashioning felt at the cooper-hewitt national design museum on view march 6th - september 7, 2009.

need more specifics? 7thspace did a more complete article including specifics on the installation by toshiko mori architects. now go forth and view felt!

this exhibition will explore the varied new uses of felt—an ancient material, believed to be one of the earliest techniques for making textiles. made by matting together wool fibers with humidity and friction, felting requires little technological expertise and is an extremely versatile material. the exhibition will begin with historic examples of felts, showcase innovations in handmade felts, and feature contemporary uses of industrial felt in a range of fields, including product design, fashion, architecture, and home furnishings.

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