Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the generational: younger than jesus.

the generational: younger than jesus is the inaugural triennial at the new museum of contemporary art. this exhibit focuses on the works of 50 artists from around the world that are under the age of 33. the times has a great article on it and it opens april 8th.

for “younger than jesus,” the first edition of “the generational,” the new museum’s new signature triennial, fifty artists from twenty-five countries will be presented. the only exhibition of its kind in the united states, “the generational: younger than jesus” will offer a rich, intricate, multidisciplinary exploration of the work being produced by a new generation of artists born after 1976. known to demographers, marketers, sociologists, and pundits variously as the millennials, generation y, igeneration, and generation me, this age group has yet to be described in any way beyond their habits of consumption. “younger than jesus” will begin to examine the visual culture this generation has created to date.

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