Monday, July 13, 2009

so very bad.

i've been so very bad at posting! i appreciate all you who are hanging in there with me. the last year has had so many changes and up and downs that i'm feeling a bit introspective and, yes, tired so i haven't had the energy to keep up with the blog as i would like. i don't want to give it up altogether but as my priorities shift, it unfortunately is the thing to suffer.

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  1. Hey, it happens, but the readers are still here.

    I get the same way, after being on the computer for 8 hours at work all day, I often don't want to when I am home. But since I started a new design blog recently, and trying to keep it updating (at least a post a day) and try and promote it, it's very tiring.

    I am still trying to find time to figure out what to do with the felt I bought from you.



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