Monday, October 19, 2009

jen 11.

jen 11 designed and published by uppercase.

featuring work by eleven amazingly talented jennifers.

more than a million of us were dubbed jennifer within the span of just fifteen years. from a place of relative obscurity, the name grew on a wave of sudden and unprecedented popularity. we’re starting to learn that the effects of this phenomenon were not entirely trivial. now as an adult, jennifer has become targeted as the highly sought after demographic of generation x. in the business press, we are actually known as the jennifer demographic or jen-eration and are told that “focus should be almost entirely on jennifer right now as habits of all other segments pale in comparison to hers.”

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  1. how wild. i have a generation x blog and my name is jennifer. i'm an older xer though - born in 67. few girls my age were named jennifer. it came later.


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