Wednesday, February 17, 2010

trying to find a decent kettle.

okay, i don't do this. i typically don't rant on this blog. its not what its about and its not what i'm about so i don't. however, i'm off coffee because of some not-so-great side effects (sinus headaches say hey!) and i've been trying to find a decent tea kettle without any success. what's up with this?

in the interim, however, i found a pretty awesome tea pot and a lovely little infuser. suomi white teapot by rosenthal and tea stick infuser by flöz design. but what i really need is a kettle. somebody, please, make a pretty kettle and don't have the last name of graves.


  1. I recently bought this kettle:

    I love that it is glass, and won't rust. It has a very simple design and has worked very well for me so far.

  2. Chantal teakettles are really nice and come with a lifetime warranty! Plus, they feel really nice to use and have a lot of different sizes of some styles.

    I have this one in yellow: .... I use it both as a kettle and a teapot (it's pretty & small enough to go both ways).


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