Tuesday, January 18, 2011

hamilton wood type museum.

last week i saw typeface at the mfa in boston. while not the best made documentary i've seen, this film about the hamilton wood type museum in two rivers, wisconsin totally struck a cord.

yes, its about typography and yes, i have more than a keen interest in text and fonts. but the thing that struck me most was the loss of a craft (wood type) and this community that realized the importance of its history and established a museum because of it (must be the preservationist inside me talking). if you're in or around northeast wisconsin (only 3 hours north of chicago!), you really must visit.

hamilton also has an etsy shop and all proceeds go to support the museum. go wood type! [photos and video via the post family.]

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  1. I live in Sheboygan and and have visited the museum before, isn't it the best? You gotta love Wisconsin--there is quirky and cool stuff like this everywhere. Open invitation for a local's tour of Sheboygan if you ever pass through again. : ) Sarah


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