Friday, February 17, 2012

packing it in.

i've enjoyed posting to this blog but its become more and more difficult to keep up so i've decided to end the girl in the green dress. i've truly enjoyed sharing a part of myself and connecting with people i would not otherwise have had the opportunity to meet. but my life has changed dramatically in the last four years and i'm in a place where i'd like to focus more on work, family and friends. as always, you can keep up with what i'm doing at filzfelt and (who knows?) maybe someday i'll start another blog.

thank you for your support and friendship,


  1. It's been great following you all these years. I've thoroughly enjoyed your posts and will miss your blog in my Google Reader.

    Best Wishes,

  2. Thanks so much Sam, that means a lot!

  3. Well, I'm happy for the success that you are traveling today. I do hope for more success not just in your life but also to your family.


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