Friday, July 27, 2007

the darjeeling limited.

so as long as i'm a little bit movie-crazed today, i saw two previews last night for films i'm excited about.

the darjeeling limited

new wes anderson film coming out in september. i adore jason schwartzman, adrien brody AND wes anderson so i'll be quite content. go here for a trailer.

the 11th hour

hot on the heels of al gore's an inconvenient truth, the 11th hour is a new film out in august. leonardo dicaprio produces and narrates the documentary on the precarious state of the environment.

i also read recently that he's involved in sustainably rebuilding a town in an area of kansas devastated by a tornado in may. aptly named greensburg, the town will be rebuilt as a "sustainable model of eco-living and one that will save it from future environmental catastrophe." the 13-part series will eventually air on the new plant green channel.

its nice to see an actor who does more than just drive a prius.

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