Friday, May 29, 2009

sls (selective laser sintering).

i wasn't a math major. but i'm a regular listener of radiolab (yes, i listened to universe d.i.y. this morning on the train) and i'm always blown away by the intricate and beautiful pieces that nervous system puts out. unfortunately between being super busy and their table always being mobbed, i didn't get a chance to talk to or see jesse and jessica's new jewelry pieces but i'm sorry i didn't! created by sls (selective laser sintering) which is basically 3d printing using a nylon material, the pieces have their organic, mathematical vibe that is so nervous system. and they have some photos in their flickr stream of their inspirations.


  1. hi Traci, thanks for the mention! hopefully we will have the new pieces in our webshop soon.

    one note though, it's sintering

  2. thanks for the correction! obviously i wasn't an english major either...

  3. what a fantastic blog! you have been listed on my fav bitches list on my blog!! a fellow blogger, gangsta bride sent me over here and i'm glad she did


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